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Discover Your Flow And Unfold Your Full Potential


cutting-edge science meets ancient wisdom


We believe that change is inevitable, and that's why we focus on teaching our participants how to find flow in the face of constant change. We encourage individuals to stay open-minded, curious, and willing to make mistakes. We strive to create a safe and empowering environment where participants find the strength to realize and transform themselves. Our coaching services are designed to help participants develop the skills they need to keep the positive energy to navigate any challenge that comes their way.


We understand the importance of positivity and growth mindset. Our coaching program is designed to guide you towards developing the skills you need to stay in the flow and achieve your goals. We create a safe, supportive environment where you can embrace your strengths and recognize your abilities. Get the ground level of mastering the process of constant change. Join us today and experience the transformative power of our coaching program. 

Advanced Camp

Get ready to take your skills to the next level and achieve your goals with our Advanced Camp program. Our coaches provide experience training to help you develop missing skills and automate habits that will support your grow. You'll learn to stay focused in turbulent situations and be a stabilizing force for those around you. You start to be a master of keeping focus in the constant change.

Customized Camp

We provide customized camps for new leadership, C-levels, innovation, remote teams, team-building and workshops to focus on a specific work topic.

Therefore we use our international facilities and experties to provide you with a camp that fits to your specific challenges to solve them on the base and realize the actions and trainings that are needed to grow.


Key learnings (experience-based learning)


  • cultural imprints and effects

  • cybernetics

  • empowering communication

  • behavioral grow to empower yourself and your surrounding

  • effective learning method

  • empowering routines

  • connection between your muscle memories and your mind

  • methods to keep focused, agile and productive

  • awareness

  • selfleadership in new challenging situations

  • playfullness

  • creative thinking technic

  • the power of dynamic interactions between brain, body, physical and social interactions

  • logic out of imprecise and non-numerical information

  • spontanious intelligence

  • power-relax-balance

  • You train tools, methods, tactics in dealing with change.

  • You know what it feels like to stay calm during change, to maintain focus and to stay productive.

  • You experience how effective it is to involve the whole body in the learning process.

  • You will learn that we cannot control nature, but we can get into flow with it.

  • You experience what it means to deal with changing circumstances on a daily basis, train to deal with them and get into the flow.

  • You know what it means to learn and test new things every day.

  • You learn from other participants how you work, where your strengths and weaknesses lie and how valuable the exchange with them becomes.

  • You learn how to deal with change effectively.

  • You remember the childlike fun of trying things out and experience change and development as joy.

  • You make first attempts to support others in an uncertain situation in the way that is most effective for them.

  • You know that change involves patience and insecurity and you have realized that confronting them will strengthen your security and confidence.

  • You know what mindfulness, balance, calm, and the power-relax balance feels like in everyday life.

  • In wind, you learn how to launch a kite and maybe more.

  • You know how to paddle a wave and how to stand on the board.

  • You learn how much energy your body absorbs through healthy food.

  • You know the basics of Mindful Training

Philosphy & Method

With my experience, lively exchange with experts, professors and proving scientific studies, we work with people on the basis of an integral method. The method is based on laws of nature, cultural customs and neurological and psychological sciences. A unique combination of cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom. An appreciative, inclusive and supportive environment releases positive energy for it. In symbiosis with a supporting environment, to help you find your flow and release your full potential in your personal and professional endeavors. 



Fuerteventura / Mauritius


  • 27.11.-01.12.2023

  • 12.02.-16.02.2024

  • 22.04.-26.04.2024

  • 06.05.-10.05.2024

  • 17.06.-21.06.2024

  • 01.07.-05.07.2024

  • 30.09.-04.10.2024

  • 11.11.-15.11.2024


Flight booking

Transport organization

Overall organization, accompaniment, guidance

5 mindfulness trainings

5x brainfood

up to 4x kite/surf lessons incl. material/boat (depending on conditions)

1 private cook - 12 meals

1 private room - 5 nights

1 community

Reflection -Booklet

Not included


Costs from Switzerland to the airport and back

Drinks (except water)

3 meals out


5  days and nights

The Team

Meet the team at Basecamp, where positivity and passion run through every member. Our team is composed of from 6 different nationalities, who speak 8 different languages.

The Founder

As a corporate development facilitator and professional kitesurfer with an MSBA degree and Silicon Valley work experience, I live what I consult. Intense experiences in nature, combined with 13 years of transformational experience led me to conscious insights in people's ability to change, develop and release positive energy.

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