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Irina Jenni

Change of perspective as a competitive advantage

As part of the whitepaper "Ambidextry - Change of perspective as a competitive advantage" we spoke to the world number 7 in kitesurfing & business development consultant Irina Jenni about her view of the topic of ambidexterity.

Irina, how important is agility and stability in your sport kitesurfing?

"A huge priority! When kitesurfing I am 100% dependent on nature and my equipment. I need water, the appropriate wind strength, the right wind direction and in my case also "swell" - high waves. Only when all factors work together can optimal water training takes place.

In order to realize stable training units, it is therefore absolutely necessary to react agilely to the natural conditions.

Kitesurfing at this level requires a high level of fitness and body tension. In order to achieve top results in the long term, I pay attention to a good balance between tension and relaxation, maximum performance and regeneration phases. Maintaining an achieved driving level or developing further in order to be successful in competition also means constant trying out, adapting and optimizing."

"In kiting, as in business, you need stability in agility and agility in stability."

Irina Jenni

In addition to kitesurfing, you advise and coach companies. What role does ambidexterity play in your sporting and professional success?

"Kitesurfing has made me an ambidexterity expert. I transform this knowledge into business. In order to achieve long-term and constant daily goals, it requires agile planning that leads to a long-term goal.

The recipe for success is the accelerator that results from the combination of sport and business. Pursuing both in parallel, in harmony and above all efficiently and successfully, constantly sets new impulses and motivates. The people I work with feel this gained superpower and let themselves be inspired and motivated. This fulfills and motivates me - a self-reinforcing cycle."


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